Feasibility Analysis

We undertake extensive feasibility studies to determine how to make the most of each site.  We talk to local estate agents; we analyise supply and we run social media campaigns to determine demand; we predict all costs and realistically analyise potential plot values.

Negotiate Planning

We help negotiate the planning system.  Custom built houses are generally seen as a positive way of delivering houses by both planning authorities and local communities.  This is because they generally deliver better quality homes that are more suited to their surroundings.  We think custom build is win win all round...

Infrastructure Installation 

We design and install the site infrastructure - roads, gas, electrics, broadband, sewage and common green space.  We also manage all the necessary permissions, rights of way and legal agreements.  It sounds rather boring but getting this stuff right is the key to straightforward sales...

Sales and Marketing

We handle all sales and marketing.  We produce the images and brochures in house so that we can clearly communicate the value of each plot

We Cover the Costs

The best part - we front all the costs which only need to be paid back once the plots start selling.  Our fee is taken as a percentage of overall sales.